About us

It’s all about passion, excellence and authenticity – our sense of national pride and desire to share Malta’s rich history and culture with our guests are the heart of our commitment.

Our love for the culture, history and heritage of the Maltese islands combined with our enthusiasm to give travellers and tourists an unforgettable experience inspired the creation of MiraMalta Tours.

MiraMalta Tours is not your run-of-the-mill tourism agency as we rely on a network of reputable partners who have been working in the evolving tourism sector for nearly three decades. Heading this agency is a qualified tourist guide who is proficient in six languages and has a Masters Degree in Tourism and Culture.

Her innate passion for tourism manifests itself in all excursions and events organised by MiraMalta Tours as we pride ourselves on showcasing the best Malta has to offer. In everything we do, we put our guests, first, prioritising authenticity as we know from experience that tourists and travellers may have different interests and motivations for visiting a country but they all seek an authentic experience… they want to discover Malta, see how the locals live, and learn about local traditions.

This lies at the heart of our vision as we strive to share our knowledge, experience and passion for our country to offer you an amazing experience.

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